The embroidery is made of threads using an industrial machine, being very durable, this method of printing can give relief to your logo and is very suitable for outdoor clothing (coats, hats, caps, etc. ...).

Add employees' names or titles to their clothing with our text embroidery service, which allows you to individually identify your clothing without needing digitize.

Additional information

Production capacity of over 2000 units per day
19 embroidery heads (15 colors)
3D and semi-3D effect
Isacord chart (more than 350 colors)
Appliqué insertion

Price list

The cost of an embroidery depend on the number of stitches, the density and the size of your logo.
Digitizing the logo is required, then the cost will vary according to the quantity.

*Once digitizing is made, it can be reused without any start-up costs for a future order.
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